Lulu's Thai Chili

We spent months fussing with a sauce that could cover the entire spectrum for building flavor profiles from an all purpose sweet, sour and spicy to a glaze or a marinade.  

Lulu’s goes beyond barbecue.  This sauce works miracles as an Asian Salad dressing.  No matter how much you screw up the chicken breast on the grill just add Lulu’s as a bit of a last minute glaze and you be a genius. This sauce rocks in complexity and delivers that perfect Thai spice that people love.

Lulu’s has a classic sweet, sour and heat that love’s chicken wings, great to finish a chicken breast and a perfect sauce for turkey with a thicker consistency that works well for finicky eaters.  This is an amazing dipping sauce for chicken fingers and goes well with fries

Collections: Sauce

Type: BBQ Sauce

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